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Welcome to the first BBC Allan & Djaq & Will community.
This community focuses on the relationship between Allan-a-Dale/Djaq, Will Scarlet/Djaq and Allan-a-Dale/Djaq/Will Scarlet of the new BBC series Robin Hood.

General Rules

- Please, make only Allan/Djaq, Will/Djaq and Allan/Djaq/Will related posts.

- No flaming or personal attacks on other members and the cast/crew of the show.

- If you’re making a long post, please place it under a LJ cut.

- When posting images, please do not steal other people’s bandwidth by hotlinking.

Fanfiction Posts

- If posting fanfiction, it must be under an LJ cut.

- All stories must focus on Robin/Marian, either friendship or romantically involved.

- Please provide the following information when posting a story: Title, author, rating, summary, spoilers and a disclaimer (before the cut)


- Please place large images behind a LJ cut.

- If you are posting a lot of icons (more than five), please use an LJ cut. You may put a few ‘teaser’ icons outside the cut.

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