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Fic: More Ale Than Trip Inn

Title: More Ale Than Trip Inn
Author: lalumena
Rating: PG for innuendo.
Characters: All the outlaws, but a Djaq/Will/Allan thread recurrs throughout.
Summary: There was another night, before Kalila and Kalimna, where more was said than intended. Brought on by Djaq and Much’s ale-brewing competition. Set Season 2.

Huge thanks to sophieisgod for beta-ing.

( "By the look of this place – and of you - there's more ale been drunk here than on Two-For-One Wench Night at Trip Inn." )
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Yes, that's right, there's another T-shirt competition going on!

This one is for a general RH, BBC-related design to go on the shirts, which will be hosted at the shop HERE, with all the proceeds going towards the Sherwood Forest Trust.

Rules and submission post are HERE, and the deadline is Wednesday, March 19th. Good luck!

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You may have seen me pimping the T-shirt competition everywhere, so...
The T-shirt competition is officially over! Congrats to the winners and good work to everyone who entered! Thanks also to all of you who voted, and for sticking around when I screwed the polls up. ^^

Click to see who won!

T-shirt designs

Some of you may be aware of the t-shirt design competition I've been organizing over at robinhoodbbc, but it's centered around designing Team Hood/Team Leather (who would want those? Seriously. XD) t-shirts, with which we can proudly display our...well, pride of being a part of supporter of our Team.

So, I ask you, if anyone's interested in entering, the deadline's Jan. 18th (4 more days!!!) and submissions go HERE to a screened post.

Good luck, everyone!