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28 January 2008 @ 07:45 pm
Will/Djaq:Questions and Answers  
This just came to me which kinda interested me.I have been dying to write a fic about it for like ages and I have finally got time.

Title: Will/Djaq:Questions and Answers
Author: Moi, outlaw_joanne
Fandom: Robin Hood
Characters: Will, Djaq and mentions the gang.
Pairings: Will/Djaq
Rating: t, may change later on in the story.

I think this should be a series about will/djaq. Any question you want answering in a fic just reply to me and hope I choose ya. Ok, todays question, selected by me, is That night when they stay in Bassams house before the gang went to see the king, what did Will and Djaq got up to during the night? In this story Djaq is thiner and has long hair, I just thought Djaq should chande her looks a bit, no idea why.

This story does have somethings a under 12 can't read but nothing to do with anything rude,Well ya no what I mean.

R.I.P Heath Ledger

To the story!!!!


Djaq was awake lying in her bed,thinking about Will. Although,he was only across the hall,probally tossing and turning as her, she was missing him more than ever.She needed him,She needed her Will now. She would wait a bit longer before making her move,recalling the events over the last few weeks. Her mind stopped when she reached the end.

Djaq couldn't take it anymore,she needed to do something soon. Her mind,which she had always followed, was telling her to stay but her heart,on the other hand,was telling her to go to her love. It was like her body had taken two sides and was about to form a war. She had waited too long so she decied to follow her heart and go to Will.

Djaq walked slowly and silently towards Wills room at the end of the hall where she knew Will would be, carful not to wake anyone.Djaq stopped at Wills door and took a deep breath and twisted the knob on the door.


6 hours earlier....

As Will layed down in his bed for the night, Instead of spreading all out on the bed as usual, he only took up a side of the double bed leaving a lot of room. He closed his eyes and smiled knowing that he would have a visitor who would stay the night, at this thought he fell to sleep instantly.


Will was suprisenly asleep as Djaq entered the room,quietly closing the door behind her, carefull not to wake her love. As she turned she smiled when she saw the sleeping Will. A year ago, If she couldn't sleep she would just turn to look at Wills peaceful face and would just drift off,she knew that back then she would dream about sharing a bed with Will and now she was actually going to. Djaq was wearing a white night dress and her hair up in a bun,she knew she looked very beautiful in her night cloths.

At first she just stood there, smiling, looking at the space behind WIll she knew was for her , before walking a few spaces over and placed a hand on his check.

"I know you there,Djaq," Will, surprisenly , whispered and turned onto his back opening his eyes. Djaq walked round to the other side on the bed and pulled the band that was holding her hair up. Will drew back the covers near Djaq and she nodded and laid down on the bed.

"Knew you couldn't stay away because all women are like that!"

"Don't be so cheeky you!" As she said this her fingers moved up his chest like a pair of legs so gently that Will let out a giggle,Will laid a hand to stop Djaq from doing that any longer before she tickled him so much that he couldn't stand it any more.

"Stop.....it! It really......tickles!"Djaq said as Will took his revenge, tickling her sides. Will finally stopped before Djaqs laughter got so loud that it would wake the others. He propted his head up onto his hand after he had turned on his side to face Djaq. She was still laughing and all he could was smile. She was so beautiful,especially in that dress.

Djaq laughter died down and she gased into his eyes.

"You look really beautiful tonight as always."

"Your really handsome all the time, especially when you smile," Djaq giggled. Will just smiled. Djaq's hand which was still on Will's chest pushed Will back onto his back and she curled in to his side head on his chest and her hand was over his heart covered by his warm hand. His other arm wrapped around her back pulling her nearer to him.

When they got settled Will mumbled,"I love you,Djaq."

Djaq replied in the only way she knew,"I love you too, My love."

In The Morning...

Bassam opened the door to djaqs bedroom.

"Shafia," She didn't answer. Bassan frowned. Where could she had got to. Bassam smiled when he got the answer. He walked out of the room,closing the door behind him and crossed the hall to the bedroom of the pale man Shafia had been flirting with yesterday. He opened the door and smiled. Shafia was curled into the side of the handsome englishman.At least one good thing came out of Shafia's unexpected trip to england, Bassam thought. He smiled yet again and then left the room leaving them to have a bit longer together.

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intergalactic super geekphantmgreeneyes on January 29th, 2008 03:37 am (UTC)
Not bad. Not bad at all. Definitely a cute idea!